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2023 Challenge Incoming!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Want to join the 23 23 23 challenge?

23 CHALLENGES of 23 THINGS in the YEAR 2023

Firstly, where the bloody hell did 2022 go? Is it just me or was that the fastest year ever..? Yet so much seemed to happen. I feel in a completely different head space to the start of 2022.

I want to maximise 2023, level up and have fun in the process. Will I complete this mammoth challenge? Only time will tell. Make up your own 2023 challenge or follow along mine with regular video updates on YouTube to see how I get on. Below is my list, take anything you want from the list and make it yours. Lets make 2023 amazing!

(easy version & Video at the bottom)

1. Do 23 things you have never done before

Think foods, experiences, anything that you've wanted to do that you have never done before. I am open for suggestions for this one. What would you like to see me try? The kids I live with have already told me I have to go to a Man City football match.

2. Go 23 hours no mobile phone

I rely heavily on my phone and I'm guessing you do too. My Alarm to wake up, the endless scrolling on social media, maps to find my way around, google who I ask around 50 questions a day to.

3. 23 acts of kindness

This can be anything from donating food to a food bank to helping someone carry their shopping.

4. Ask 23 questions

I am obsessed with asking questions. I ask myself questions, I ask other people questions, It's how I learn and get a deeper understanding of myself, other people and the world around me.

James clear has his 3-2-1 email that includes "3 short ideas from him, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question for you to ponder." Its one of the only emails I actually open and enjoy opening. I collect the questions each week from his email, ask them to myself then journal on them.

What questions could you ask yourself to interrupt your autopilot or what could you ask other people to get a deeper connection with them?

5. 23 days of drinking 2L of water

Almost two thirds of your body is water!

Hydration is needed for digestion, for our heart and circulation, for temperature control it also boosts mental performance. Yet so many of us (myself included) don't drink enough water.

6. Give 23 hugs

Hugs are like drugs... the good ones. They decrease stress and help boost your immune system. And yes thats proven by science. It's good for you and it's good for the person youre hugging, so let's hug a little more.

Fun fact: In Wales we call hugs Cwtches.

7. 23 days of yoga (or whatever fitness regime you choose. Running, cycling etc)

I'm choosing yoga because I love yoga and how it makes me feel. It's not just about exercise but about breathing and gaining a deeper connection with yourself. Its something I want to do more of this year so I'm excited for this challenge and to see if I feel any changes after 23 consecutive days. What will you choose?

8. Try 23 wellness trends

The only way we can find what works for us is by trying a bunch of things.

9. Take 23 cold showers

I'm sure by now you have heard of the benefits of cold showers. If not check out Wim Hof he is the cold water guru.

10. Meet 23 new people

As you get older it can sometimes become harder to make friends. I've been living in a new city for 5 months and I haven't made many friends at all. It's my mission to go out and meet 23 new people.

11. Go 23 days without sugar

I really don't need to preach to you about why sugar is bad for the body and no I'm not talking about sugar in fruits I'm talking about the sugar commonly found in highly refined, processed foods.

12. Do 23 things that scare you

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Some of the most extraordinary things in my life have happened from getting outside of my comfort zone. Will you join me by getting outside of your comfort zone this year?

I have a feeling that theres going to be some overlap in these challenges, especially this one as some of the other challenges scare me.

13. Appreciate 23 things about yourself

Most of us are constantly seeking the appreciation of others so why not take this opportunity to fill up your own cup. What have you done lately? What have you achieved? I'm sure there are so many great things about you!

14. Send 23 thank you letters

I bet there is someone in your life that has gone above and beyond for you. A teacher, a friend, your Mum. Why not send a letter, email, text, WhatsApp message (it doesn't matter how you do it) to let them know how much you appreciate them.

15. Stroke 23 pets

Science shows that simply petting a dog or cat lowers the stress hormone cortisol! So find yourself some furry friends to snuggle.

16. Try 23 new recipes

17. Compliment 23 people

How good does it feel when someone compliments you? Well how about you gift that feeling to someone else. Be genuine about it. Start to notice things about people.

18. Watch 23 sunrises/ sunsets

(Photo in Hampi India)

19. Visit 23 places you have never been

After visiting somewhere new my mind feels refreshed and full of ideas plus I love travelling and travel lets you disconnect from your daily life.

20. Create 23 Pieces of art

It could be a sketch in a book, a photo taken on your phone, heck it could even be a stick figure, drawn on the mirror, after a steamy shower. Don't worry about how "good" it is. It doesn't even matter if you don't consider yourself to be creative, have a go and see what you come up with.

21. ???

Theres two spaces left! So if you think of a 23 challenge for me get in touch and if you're lucky I might add it to the list.

22. ???

23. Lessons from the year 2023

This one is going to need a bit of patience but also to notice lessons throughout the year.

I guess this is one for the end of December 2023. I wonder what will have happened between now and then...

This challenge is massive so if you're not quite feeling as bold as me I've got a simplified version for you:

Create a list of 23 things that you want to do this year. Make this list things that are going to improve your life in some way or another. Feel free to pick and choose some from the list above. They don't have to be giant goals, they can simply be things that make you feel good. Going for a swim, visiting someone, watching the sun set. Then my pro tip is once you have this list start scheduling to do the things on the list. Put it in your calendar and make it happen!

Good Luck, have fun x



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