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Pinch Punch it's the First of the Month

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

It's the first of the month, a fresh start. How is it September already? Where did August just go? Its been a busy summer! There's been a lotta love here, also a lot of forgetting self care. So here's how it went down:

A break down of a relationship - ouch!

Mini break to West Wales with my Mother - feeling sad but a fun much needed break!

Mum and Me West Wales

Cardiff Naked Bike Ride - Eee pushing comfort boundaries (Yes I know I promised a post about this, I'm on it).

Cardiff World Naked Bike Ride

A birthday - Another year older.

Brunch at the Ivy with Kacie

Moved house - Stressful but fun times.

Ran the Self love workshop at Boardmasters - Yay! So much love and fun.

Self-Love Workshop - Boardmasters

Didn’t sleep much while at Boardmasters - boo, ended up ill.

Headed off to work on a TV show - Eeeeek This is exciting and top secret but I can hopefully share with you what, when the advert comes out!

And finally home to finish unpacking and get some kind of a routine going. So how was your summer? Are you ready for autumn, or are you screaming "not yet" at the sky like me?

Let's get down to business.

Today is P.C.O.S day. That stands for Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and that’s something I have. If you’ve heard of this you'll know it effects the menstrual cycle and if you're unlucky enough to have it you'll know it effects your whole body, and life. I'm not going to go into what it is and isn't because (from my own experiences) its different for everyone. Doctors have been "shocked" by my blood results, more than once, because I don’t "look like someone who has PCOS". Moving swiftly onwards.

There is tones of free info out there about this and if you want to know more or where to find support, shoot me a message and I will let you know or even add it here.

You've probably heard me say that one of my insecurities has always been my stomach. It sticks out a bit at the bottom, no matter how much I weigh its the same. It's done that since I hit puberty. I learned later that this was due to hormones and is my normal. I did some modelling for a friend tis summer and I didn't hide my stomach! Normal isn't having a flat tummy (not for me at least). This is my normal! and Im going to start showing up exactly as I am in the hopes that maybe you will start showing up as you are too.

Modelling clothes for my friend

Today, I am however taking the necessary steps to be able to live my best life and I think its awesome that it is coincidently PCOS day today! And this lifestyle change is beneficial for all, not just those of us with PCOS.

So here's the plan: - 15 mins of exercise daily. Get that body moving! - Eat good food whole foods regularly! I'm cutting bread (don’t hate on me it’s a personal choice and eating it makes me feel icky), swapping regular pasta for a Mung Bean alternative, eating lots and lots of veggies and continuing my research on what foods are good for me. Please, please, please never starve yourself! - 2x Yoga sessions a week (low impact "restorative" exercise) - Waking up early and going to bed early. This makes me feel so good yet I struggle to get into the habit of doing it. - Creating a good routine and regular habits.

This is my accountability, showing up and sharing here. If its on the blog I gotta do it. If you want me to be your accountability send me your plan of how you're going to show up for yourself. Either comment it or drop me a message.

Happy 1st of September! 🍂



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