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Channel 4 (E4)
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Two pairs of strangers are stripped of all their clothes and possessions and race in the buff across the English countryside to win a cash prize for charity... and their clothes.

Daily Mail
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Laura is a life coach and lives in Cardiff. 

She says: 'When I tell people my weight — and the fact that my BMI falls well into the 'overweight' category of 25 to 29.9 as a result — they can't believe it and say I 'carry it well'.

The Times
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... Another FIRE fundamental is to have an emergency fund to last at least three months, preferably six. Having achieved that step, Laura has been able to fall back on that money.

Wales Online
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She's rode through Cardiff plenty of times on her bike - but this time was going to be different and also scary as hell. Laura Poole was going to do it naked.

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